The Outdoor Altar

The outdoor altar is a beautiful site for celebrating Holy Eucharist. Set in the southern end of the yard, the altar is covered by a canopy of kiwi vine with broad green leaves.

Every summer, staff of the Diocese of Oregon worship outdoors amidst the sound of the gurgling streams and chirping birds. One year an albino deer wandered onto the field during the Eucharist!

Fall Crocus

It may be fall, but there are still signs of new life popping up around the garden. The fall crocus are beginning to force their way up through the damp soil, pushing aside the cover of autumn leaves.

All Things Come To An End

Some two hundred years ago the trees you see in this photograph began to grow in what is now Elk Rock Garden on the grounds of the Bishop’s Close. During a recent storm the roots became waterlogged and all three of the major trunks came down. Today the company tasked with cutting them up and removing them from the grounds finished their work. Except for the tracks of heavy moving equipment, only the memory of these beautiful trees remains.

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